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Photo of Jonathan Mosen and Bonnie Lannom by a water fall

Jonathan and Bonnie Mosen

Mosen Consulting is operated by Jonathan and Bonnie Mosen. Here on our website, you can read free articles on the Blog, purchase our books and training material, and find out about the work we do with individuals and organisations in assistive technology, vocational advice, life coaching, mindfulness and other areas.

Thanks to the incredible advances in assistive technology, there’s never been a better time in history to be blind. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to remember a time when a pocket dictionary took up over 30 bulky Braille volumes. Man, that would take some big pocket to carry it around! Both of us have always enjoyed keeping up with news and information since we were very young. We  remember having no choice but to rely  on  a sighted friend or family member to read the newspaper, help browse a record store, or even read a bank statement.

Today, blind people who use assistive technology have independent access to information in unprecedented quantities at the same time as sighted people. . Jonathan has  help test and design some of that technology, and explain even more of it.

Through shows like ACB Radio’s Main Menu, which Jonathan started back in 2000, various audio tutorials, podcasts and books, Jonathan loves sharing his boundless enthusiasm for the power of this technology to change lives. Through the technology-related products available in our Store, and via the posts on the Blog, his  aim is to communicate even complex technological subjects clearly, so even more people can benefit from the sense of independence and empowerment that he have experienced.

Jonathan has been using assistive technology for 30 years, and been a beta tester, power user, journalist, author and product manager in the assistive technology field. He’s used assistive technology to help him with his career in areas such as commercial radio broadcasting, Government relations, web design, governance, and most importantly, being a dad and sharing experiences with his kids. So when a great new piece of tech, be it hardware or software, comes along, Jonathan has always sought to explain its practical benefits.

While Mosen Consulting began with a strong technology emphasis, the company has broadened its scope to cover other issues that can assist blind people to lead a fuller, more empowered life. It can be argued that technology has changed much faster than inaccurate myths that persist, resulting in rampant unemployment and underemployment among blind people. Being as skilled as possible with technology is vital in today’s job market, but it’s only part of the equation. Marketing yourself, presenting yourself appropriately, social skills, being in a good headspace, and self-advocacy are all vital.

Bonnie Mosen is blind, and a skilled professional in the public relations and rehabilitation field. Her name and voice became nationally known in the US, through her public relations work with the Seeing Eye. Via the blog, advice to individuals and organisations, and other training material, Bonnie will help you create opportunity, then maximise those opportunities. Whether it’s putting together a resume/CV, dressing to impress, negotiating informational interviews to build your networks, nailing the interview or negotiating the salary package, she’ll provide expert advice having successfully placed many blind people in employment.

It’s not always plain sailing though. Discrimination is a sad fact of life blind people still have to deal with. As a registered hypnotherapist and a keen student of self-improvement and meditation, Jonathan also posts and writes on how to get your mind in the right space to stay positive, focussed, and productive.

Mosen Consulting provides a wide range of information that creates opportunity for blind people. We appreciate you visiting, hope you’ll visit regularly, and that through what we offer, you’ll be inspired and empowered to be all you can be.