Use HMA VPN for a Secure, Flexible Browsing Experience

At Mosen Consulting, we use and recommend HMA VPN.


As heard on The Blind Side Podcast and our Imagine There’s no Countries audiobook, many of our customers have, like us, come to rely on HMA for peace of mind, and access to accessible and interesting content that would otherwise be unavailable.


A small price to pay for peace of mind


It’s tempting. Your mobile data’s running low, and there’s an open public hotspot close by. But connecting to public Wi-Fi without a VPN is like playing Russian roulette with identity theft. The geek at the table next to you could be snooping.

By their very nature, unencrypted, open wireless hotspots are insecure. Invest in a subscription to HMA, and you can encrypt all your Internet traffic while you enjoy the free Wi-Fi.


Tear down the wall!


Bonnie moved from the United States to her adopted home of New Zealand in 2013. Using HMA apps on her computer and smartphone, she can use many of the US-based services that aren’t officially available outside of the country. It’s like digitally being transported back home, without the long flight and the long lines.

Bonnie and Jonathan both love to watch audio described TV together. HMA allows them to get the widest variety of audio described content available.

How does that work? It’s simple. HMA has servers all around the world, more than most similar providers. You choose the location, and all your computer activity is routed through their servers in that country. So your digital presence is literally transported like magic to the country of your choice.


Check it out


We use HMA every day. There are apps for all major platforms, or clear instructions are provided that can itnegrate the service with the VPN capabilities of the operating system.

We love it, and we’re sure you will too.

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