“Unleash your Inner Podcast”, with Jonathan Mosen



It was once said that there’s a book inside all of us. Many people now feel the same way about podcasts.

Is that you? Have you ever thought that you’d love to give podcasting a try, but just don’t have a clue about how to get started?

Is there a subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about that you want to share with the world?

Are you a gifted orator who can capture people’s attention with a monologue?

Are you interested in interviewing people, either in the same room or across the world?

And do you want to learn from an experienced podcaster, broadcaster, interviewer, marketer and entrepreneur who can explain all the steps involved from a blindness perspective?

“Unleash your Inner Podcast” is the course that makes sense of every aspect of creating a successful podcast. Not just a technical course, this series of four two-hour webinars talks about interviewing, presentation style, marketing and more.


About the instructor


Jonathan Mosen has been podcasting since 2004. He hosts two popular podcasts in the blind community, and is a former presenter, interviewer and programme director in commercial radio. He also has a background in marketing, public relations, and operating a small business.


Who is this course for?


If you have no experience with creating audio on any platform, you don’t operate your own website, and you have no audio equipment yet, please don’t feel at all daunted about taking this course. You’ll complete the course with a thorough understanding of your next step. In an eight-hour course, we can’t teach you how to use all the sound editors that are available, but we can discuss the relative merits of a range of them, and provide pointers to additional resources that will help you learn the ones that interest you.

If you already create podcasts, you’ll benefit from learning about new, cutting-edge tools that can dramatically improve the sound and ease of production and post-production. You’ll also learn about the pros and cons of various podcast hosts, and publicity and revenue options. Plus, you’re very welcome to share your own knowledge with the group in the Q and A section. We can all learn from each other.

In short, whether you’ve never opened a sound editor before, or you’re podcasting now, we’re confident you’ll come away from the course with additional information and techniques you can use.


What you get


When you purchase the “Unleash your Inner Podcast” webinar, you gain access to our four live instructional sessions, hosted using Zoom Cloud Meetings. You can participate via PC, Mac, iOS and Android, or even phone in if you prefer.

Classes will be held the first four Saturdays of September, at 3 PM US Eastern time, 8 PM in the UK. This equates to Sunday at 7 AM New Zealand time. Each two-hour webinar is divided roughly into 90 minutes of continuous instruction, with 30 minutes at the end for questions and comments. This means that if you’re the kind of person who prefers not to engage in discussion, you can leave the webinar after 90 minutes, although of course we encourage you to participate in the question and answer section.

You gain access to a private email forum, active for the duration of the course. This serves two purposes.

First, you paid for the webinar, so it’s in our interests to make sure it delivers what you want. By participating in the email forum, you can help with the crowd-sourcing of the instructional material. Let us know what you’re particularly keen to hear about, and we’ll make a special effort to cover it. Jonathan will also be actively answering questions.

Finally, you get access to a VIP area of the Mosen Consulting site. From here, you’ll find links to resources we mention in the course, and downloads of each session in case you can’t attend live or you want to keep the sessions to refer to later.

If you can’t attend any or all of the webinars live, is it still worth taking the course? Most certainly. We aim to have archives of the webinar available for all course participants within 24 hours of them being conducted. This means you can ask questions via the private email forum, and help influence what’s covered in subsequent weeks, so attending live is certainly not required to make the most of the course.


More about what’s covered


Topics covered in “Unleash your Inner Podcast include”:

• What, exactly, is a podcast? (Spoiler, it’s about much more than making an MP3 file and chucking it in Dropbox)
• Defining your podcast’s mission. Before you start your podcasting journey, you need to know in your head what you want your podcast to sound like, and who your audience is.
• Podcast hosting. Who you get to host your podcast is one of the most important preliminary decisions you will make about your podcast. We’ll look at a range of options, from dedicated podcast providers to rolling your own.
• What software do I need? We look at sound editors for PC, Mac and iOS. We discuss the merits of single-track vs multitrack editors.
• What hardware do I need? the pros and cons of using a mixer, USB microphones, your iDevice.
• Getting listed. If you’re not in the podcast directories, you’re not going to get a big audience. We cover some of the most important directories and how to get in them.
• Building your audience. How can you attract listeners without being a publicity-seeking pain in the butt?
• Pleasing your audience. We look at a range of podcast styles, and examine how you can keep an audience beyond the first episode they hear.
• Editing. Without discussing the specifics of a given sound editor, we look at general principles to listen for when you’re editing your podcast. We also look at services that give the tedious job of editing to someone else.
• The technicals of interviewing. Considerations for recording an interview with someone in the same room as you. We also look at a wide range of options for interviewing someone who might be half a world away. Many of them do not require a mixer.
• Getting the interview. If you want a stranger on your podcast, perhaps with a high profile, what’s the best way to approach them that will get results?
• Conducting the interview. We cover a range of interview styles, including conversational and interrogative, and all aspects of maximising your time with that much sought-after guest.
• Post-production. Don’t be too distressed if there’s an imbalance in volume or quality between you and your interviewee. There are now many amazing software tricks you can take to fix that.
• Revenue. Can I make money from my podcast? We look at a few ways to be compensated for your time.
• Mush more, in part determined by participants.


What does it cost?


“Unleash your Inner Podcast” comprises eight-hours of quality webinar content, and is available for purchase today for just $80 USD. That’s only $10 for every hour of the webinar, plus, you get the audio files to keep.

So, why delay? Add “Unleash your Inner Podcast” to your shopping cart today, and begin your journey to a new or improved podcast.