Audiobook: Imagine There’s No Countries

Imagine There’s No Countries – Access the Internet Services you Want, wherever you Are

About the Audiobook

With humble apologies to all the grammarians out there, and a big tip of the hat to the great John Lennon, this audiobook shows you how to enjoy the Internet as it’s meant to be, without borders or country boundaries.
Look up almost any definition of the Internet, and you’ll see words like “global”, and “world-wide”. Yet there are those who seek to deprive you of access to certain websites and apps merely on the basis of where in the world you are. Those same vested interests seek to maintain the myth that circumventing geoblockign technology is not legal, the reality is that countless services exist to help free the Internet of artificial restrictions. They operate openly, and legally.
The American Internet Activist John Gilmore said,

the Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

And route around it, it has.
Want access to Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, the BBC with its audio described content, apps that are not available in your local iOS App store, coverage of your favourite international sports events, TV news channels from around the globe, and so much more? Do you have access to some of these services, but the price is higher or the content more restricted than it is somewhere else? Use your Internet the way it was intended, as a truly unrestricted global medium, and access what you want irrespective of where you live.
Some of the tips described in this book also help you to stay secure online, whether you’re concerned about a snooping Government or a snooping geek at a public hotspot.
Running just under two hours, and available in MP3 and DAISY audio formats, Imagine There’s No Countries demystifies terms like virtual private networks, proxy servers and DNS, and puts it all together to show you how easily you can get the content you want.
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The MP3 version of “Imagine There’s No Countries” has each of the six chapters in its own MP3 file. Files are all clearly tagged and numbered in sequential order, making it a snap to import the book into tools like Voice Dream Reader, or for burning onto CD for safekeeping.

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The DAISY audio version of “Imagine There’s No Countries” is ideal for playing in Voice Dream Reader, and many hardware and software digital talking book players. Full phrase-based navigation is available, and chapters are subdivided into subheadings where appropriate, for easy navigation. DAISY means it’s easy to set bookmarks in the book to come back to things you want to check out again.