“Braille on Display 2020 Edition”, by Jackie Brown

About the Book

There was a time when many people predicted that technology would cause Braille to die out. How wrong they were.

Freed by the restrictions of bulky hardcopy Braille volumes, people can now carry a device with them that gives them access to thousands of books. When used in combination with smartphone technology, it’s even possible to get instant transcription from print to Braille. Braille is more vibrant and relevant than ever.

Sadly, Braille devices are expensive, so Choosing the right one is a significant technological decision. How can you be sure you’re choosing the option that best meets your needs?

“Braille on Display 2020 Edition” by Jackie Brown is here to help. It’s a useful guide to many of the Braille devices on the market today, in plain English. Jackie will tell you about the features found in most of today’s popular Braille devices, and offer her opinion on their pros and cons.

You’ll learn about full Braille note takers, devices that act as Braille displays for your computer and smartphone, and devices that fall somewhere in between.

A handy table at the end of the book allows you to perform a feature comparison on all the products covered.

It’s hard for many of us to get our hands on all these devices. So why not purchase a handy guide written by someone who’s done all the evaluation work already. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you get the best device for your needs.

Learn about the latest technology from all the major vendors, including

  • Hims,
  • HumanWare,
  • Baum,
  • Seika,
  • Eurobraille,
  • Alva,
  • Handy Tech,
  • InsideOne,
  • Freedom Scientific
  • Harpo,
  • Papenmeier
  • and Orbit.

Who is this book for?

You’ll want to read “Braille On Display 2020 Edition” if:

  • You’re a Braille user who can afford, or who can access funding for, a new device and you want to be sure you’re choosing the one that meets your requirements.
  • You enjoy window shopping the latest and greatest Braille tech.
  • You’re an assistive technology trainer, and need a concise overview of the Braille display market.
  • You’re not a Braille user yet, but want to understand what Braille devices do, so you can consider the benefits of learning.


About Jackie

Jackie writes:

I was born blind. I started to learn Braille at the tender age of four. I fell in love with Braille right
away, and have used it as my first language on a daily basis ever since. When I was growing up, I
used to carry a Perkins Brailler around school, a heavy, noisy machine on which my education was
crafted. I was also taught to touch-type, another really useful string to my bow.
But computers, screen readers and electronic Braille have since become game-changers. And while
my trusted Perkins Brailler of over half a century languishes silently in the corner, I am just as excited
and motivated to use Braille today as I have ever been.
Every time I read Braille, I enjoy it. This may sound strange to some, but as much as speech synthesis
on my computer and Smart devices is essential, there is nothing to beat Braille for me. This is why I
have a display linked to my PC and laptop, why I own a Braille embosser, and why I still love my
trusty old Perkins.
I live with my husband and retired German Shepherd guide dog in Northern Ireland. I have a grown-
up son and recently became a grandmother for the first time. It would be wonderful to teach my
grandson some basic Braille in years to come! I love using Access Technology, and try to embrace the
many changes and frustrations it throws up. Using assistive kit has enable me to do so many things
in my life that would have been impossible to achieve without it. I have made lots of friends, and
shared a fountain of knowledge with fellow users around the world. Many people argue that
technology can make you lonely and isolated. For me, it has been the complete opposite as this book


Purchasing “Braille on Display 20 20 edition”


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If Braille is important to you, then “Braille On Display” is a must read.

What are you waiting for? Get “Braille on Display” today.