Consulting Services for Organisations

Here are just a few of the areas in which Mosen Consulting may be able to add value to your organisation.


  • Accessibility of websites and mobile apps
  • Broadcasting/voice-over/audio production
  • Product management
  • Public/media relations
  • Social media strategy
  • Government relations
  • Organisational reform
  • Accommodating blind employees 

For full details of Jonathan’s career experience, take a look at his LinkedIn profile. 

 Over the years, Jonathan  have worked both on-site and as a telecommuter to deliver results. Whether it’s assisting agencies for the blind  with clients who can learn technology via the Internet, casting a fresh blind eye over a strategic issue, or lobbying for an agreed outcome, Jonathan has a proven track record of exceeding expectations and getting the job done on time and in budget.

Bonnie has a proud record of exceeding targets in the field of vocational placement. She has worked with a range of businesses and blindness agencies to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the business and blind person alike. 


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