The “iOS Without the Eye” Bundle: Five books, one low price

About This Bundle


Apple’s iOS, the mobile operating system powering iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®, receives a significant annual update.

Since 2013, Jonathan Mosen has been adopting each version of iOS at the earliest possible testing stage, so he can test, investigate, and document all that’s new in iOS. The “iOS Without the Eye” books offer comprehensive coverage of new accessibility features, but also look at everything that’s new in iOS from the perspective of a VoiceOver user.

The “iOS Without the Eye” series has become the “go-to” resource for thousands of blind people who want a clear, readable resource that gets them up-to-speed on day one.

After customer requests for a way to buy all of the books in the series as a discounted bundle, you can now do just that.


Benefits and Caveats

With the “iOS Without the Eye” Bundle, you get nearly 150,000 words chronicling in great detail what’s new in iOS since 2013. You’ll get in-depth descriptions of Apple’s latest features.

You will find some duplication in the five books, particularly in the initial chapters covering upgrade and back-up strategies.

Some features have evolved over time, so a few features described in “iOS 7 Without the Eye” may have been updated by iOS 9.

At this stage, the books are provided as they were published and have not been edited to remove any obsolete information. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of material here that will provide detailed guidance on many iOS features.

There are some great podcasts demonstrating iOS from the perspective of VoiceOver users, and they are informative free resources. But there are people who want a text-based, searchable, authoritative resource at their fingertips that they can skim at their leisure, and consult when they need to. They find that text lets them go at their own pace, skipping over topics that don’t interest them, concentrating on those items that are important to them. They want clear explanations and step by step guides to all the new features from a VoiceOver perspective.

Jonathan Mosen’s “iOS Without the Eye” Bundle will get you up to speed in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to skim, and with clear language that explains it all. Whether you’re an AT instructor or someone who wants to squeeze every bit of functionality from your device, there’s plenty of information packed into these books, and you can buy them all in one easy purchase for only $49.95 USD. That’s half of what you would pay if you buy them separately. Why not secure your copy today, and instantly begin reading. As soon as your purchase is complete, we’ll take you to a page where you can download all five books in a range of formats.