“Louis, The Blind Christmas Elf”, a Story for Children

In 2014, my children’s wonderful Mum, Amanda, who is now a teacher of blind children, approached me with a problem of great significance.

She was teaching a blind girl who had written to Santa. But the child was worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to read the letter she had written, because it was in Braille.

Amanda did her best to assure the child that Santa would have no problem with Braille, but the doubts remained.

Remembering the stories I used to tell our own children when they were younger, Amanda wondered if there might be anything I could do to help.

Well, it certainly made a pleasant change from my regular writing sessions trying to figure out technology and then explain it to other people.

The result was “Louis, the Blind Christmas Elf”, which I gave to Amanda in written form.

Amanda loved the story, but came back and said, “why don’t you do an audio version? You’d be good at that,” again remembering all the funny voices I’d use when reading to our kids.

So, back I went into the studio, to create the narrated audio version.

The reaction to this little story has been so special, and heart-warming. I’ve heard from so many people. Teachers, parents, grandparents and consumer leaders have all written to me telling me how much the story has meant to them. And every year at this time, I get requests for it.

I’m deeply touched and honoured that it has meant so much to people.

The audio file is below, and should now remain safely and permanently on this page.

in most browser configurations, pressing Enter or left-clicking on the link will play the file, wile right-clicking on the link or bringing up the context menu should allow you to download the MP3 for yourself.

Thank you for taking an interest in my little story, and a merry Christmas.

“Louis, the Blind Christmas Elf” in MP3.