Mosen Consulting eBook, “Apple TV 3rd Generation with VoiceOver”

There are many options available to people who want to watch TV over the Internet, or wirelessly beam content from a device to their TV. But only Apple TV has a fully-functioning screen reader built right into the appliance.

Apple TV 3rd Generation is a powerful, affordable, and completely accessible set-top box that can transform your living room.

Do you need more information about what Apple TV can do, so you can decide whether to buy or not? Perhaps you own an Apple TV already, but you’re not sure if you’re using all its capabilities? The Mosen Consulting eBook “Apple TV 3rd Generation with VoiceOver” can help.

It’s packed with over 32,000 words of practical advice, tips and tricks. Whether you’re brand new to Apple TV or a long-time user, Jonathan Mosen has something for you as he unveils the power of Apple TV with plenty of clarity and a little humour along the way. Who said tech books need to put you to sleep?

Whether you read from cover-to-cover, or you prefer to skim for the information you’re interested in, the well-structured text makes it easy to find the information you need, when you need it.

While Apple TV 3rd generation now has a newer sibling, the 3rd generation device is still on sale, and may meet your needs at a lower price.

Here’s a list of just some of the topics you’ll read about.

  • Unboxing Apple TV
  • A thorough explanation of its ports and what they do
  • Connecting your Apple TV to a TV, home theatre, or even an analogue stereo system when you have no TV at all
  • Getting VoiceOver talking when you first start Apple TV
  • Easily setting up your Apple TV using an iDevice, a Bluetooth keyboard, or the Apple Remote Control
  • Orientation to the Apple Remote Control, how to use it, and a comprehensive list of commands
  • Using Apple TV with a Bluetooth keyboard, including a complete command reference
  • Controlling Apple TV via the Remote app for iDevices and Apple Watch
  • A list of every Apple TV setting, and explanation of what each option does
  • Accessibility settings, including advice on setting up VoiceOver and changing its voice, and enabling video description
  • Hiding channels you don’t want, and rearranging them to suit your tastes
  • Cloud-based services on your Apple TV, including what iTunes Match is and why it’s wonderful on Apple TV, accessing content you’ve purchased previously, and watching your own photos and videos from the cloud
  • Apple’s own channels, including buying and renting movies, watching TV shows and listening to music
  • A chapter devoted to Netflix, including getting a free trial, signing in, accessing audio description, and how to find which Netflix content is audio described
  • Listening to iTunes and broadcast radio on your Apple TV
  • Subscribing to, listening to, and managing podcasts
  • A “What Else is on Apple TV” chapter contains one of the most comprehensive lists of Apple TV channels around the world, with a brief explanation of the content you can find on each channel
  • Getting content from outside the box, including using Airplay on iOS, Mac and PC, third-party hardware such as network attached storage devices, beaming to multiple devices at once with Airfoyl, and cool tricks for broadcasting the sound of your Apple TV direct to your Mac or PC
  • Controlling Apple TV from your Mac’s keyboard

When you’ve read “Apple TV 3rd Generation with VoiceOver”, you’ll be in total control of the powerful little home entertainment hub in your living room…until your significant other or your kids grab that Apple Remote control off you.

What it costs


Apple TV 3rd Generation with VoiceOver costs just $19.95 USD. When you purchase, you’ll instantly be able to download your purchase in ePub, RTF and PDF formats. These formats give you the flexibility to read the book in iBooks, in apps such as Voice Dream Reader, on many specialised blindness devices such as the Victor Reader Stream and Plextalk Pocket,or on your Mac and PC.

When using iOS to read the book, we highly recommend the ePub version, which renders the Table of Contents beautifully in iBooks and Voice Dream Reader.


Buy “Apple TV 3rd Generation with VoiceOver” in ePub, RTF and PDF formats for $19.95 USD