Mosen Consulting eBook, “iOS 8 Without the Eye”

“iOS 8 Without the Eye” – the Definitive Guide to iOS 8 from a Blind Person’s Perspective

Apple’s iOS, the mobile operating system powering iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®, has undergone a significant and exciting revamp with the release of iOS 8. It is more powerful, more capable, and perhaps most exciting of all, more open than ever before.

When you master all the new capabilities of the operating system, and third-party developers deliver new functionality and integration, your iOS device will become an even more powerful tool. Make the most of what iOS 8 has to offer. Get up and running quickly and easily with a clearly-written, comprehensive, well-structured guide to all that’s new in iOS 8.

Jonathan Mosen has spent months delving into iOS 8 as it has taken shape, writing up the advertised new features from an accessibility point of view, and uncovering a whole bunch of other goodies Apple didn’t talk about. The results of all that work can be in your hands with a low-cost purchase.

There are plenty of technology blogs out there that showcase some of the new features of iOS 8, but much of this coverage doesn’t look at new features from the perspective of those who use VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader that makes the operating system accessible to blind people.

There are some great podcasts demonstrating iOS 8 from the perspective of VoiceOver users, and they are informative free resources. But there are people who want a text-based, searchable, authoritative resource at their fingertips that they can skim at their leisure, and consult when they need to. They find that text lets them go at their own pace, skimming through the bits of only passing interest, concentrating on those items that are important to them. They want clear explanations and step by step guides to all the new features from a VoiceOver perspective.

Jonathan Mosen’s “iOS 8 Without the Eye” will get you up to speed in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to skim, and with clear language that explains it all. The eBook gives you a handy guide to the new OS as you install and come to grips with all that’s new and all that’s changed. And it’s available for only $19.95 USD.

“iOS 8 Without the Eye” is a follow-up to its highly acclaimed iOS 7 counterpart, which thousands of blind people used to help them become instant iOS 7 experts.

Buy it now, read it instantly. You’ll immediately be taken to a download page after purchase.

If you’ve not yet installed iOS 8, we’ll start from the install process, work our way through all the VoiceOver changes, then move onto the amazing new mainstream features from a blindness perspective.

The email you receive will contain a zip file with versions of “iOS 8 Without the Eye” in ePub, accessible PDF and RTF formats. You’ll be able to read these in iBooks, in apps such as Voice Dream Reader, on many specialised blindness devices,or on your Mac and PC. When using iOS to read the book, we highly recommend the ePub version, which renders the Table of Contents beautifully in iBooks and Voice Dream.

Just some of the chapters in “iOS 8 without the Eye” include:


  • Safe strategies for backing up and installing
  • New VoiceOver features, including which devices will support the Alex text-to-speech, how to Braille on the virtual keyboard without any third-party app, many more changes to VoiceOver, Zoom and Guided Access
  • Harnessing the power of the new Continuity features
  • Extensibility – what the widgets, third-party keyboards and other cool app tricks mean for you
  • All about the powerful messaging changes, including sending a message with your voice, and more easily communicating with groups
  • Changes to notifications
  • What’s new with Siri
  • Enhancements to Safari
  • Share and enjoy – the many benefits of the new Family Sharing feature
  • The best of health – all the things your new Health app can do
  • The future has arrived, how your iOS device can help you automate your home
  • Files in the cloud, how iCloud Drive works and how to use it
  • Much, much more.


In fact, there’s so much more that the book is a full 10,000 words larger than its iOS 7 predecessor, yet it’s available for the same regular purchase price of $19.95 USD.

If you’re a blind person and you want to hit the ground running with Apple’s most powerful mobile operating system yet, or you’re a trainer and you want to be able to answer questions about iOS 8 from your clients with authority, look no further than “iOS 8 Without the Eye”.

As the author of many technology books and audio presentations, you can count on Jonathan Mosen to give you the scoop in plain language, with a touch of humour thrown in. It’ll keep you informed and engaged from start to finish