Mosen Consulting eBook: iOS 7 without the Eye

“iOS 7 Without the Eye” – Your Definitive Guide to iOS 7 from a Blind Person’s Perspective

Apple’s iOS, the mobile operating system powering iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®, has undergone a significant revamp with the release of iOS 7. The visual changes are so striking that sighted people are naturally preoccupied with analysis and debate about the radically different look of the operating system. There are plenty of technology blogs out there that showcase some of the new features of iOS 7, but much of this coverage doesn’t cover new features from the perspective of those who use VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader that makes the operating system accessible to blind people.

There are a number of excellent podcasts demonstrating iOS 7 from the perspective of VoiceOver users, and they are excellent, informative free resources. But there are people who want a text-based, searchable, authoritative resource at their fingertips that they can skim at their leisure, and consult when they need to. They want clear explanations and step by step guides to all the new features from a VoiceOver perspective.

“iOS 7 Without the Eye” is a well-written, thorough introduction to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. The eBook gives you a handy guide to the new OS as you install and come to grips with all that’s new and all that’s changed.

When you order “iOS 7 Without the Eye”, you can download it instantly and begin reading. The zip file contains versions of “iOS 7 Without the Eye” in ePub, accessible PDF and RTF formats. You’ll be able to read these in iBooks, in apps such as Voice Dream Reader, or on your Mac and PC. When using iOS to read the book, we highly recommend the ePub version, which renders the Table of Contents beautifully in iBooks.

Just some of the chapters in “iOS 7 without the Eye” include:

  • New VoiceOver Goodies and bugs
  • Working with the Control Center
  • Notifications – a New Look and Feel
  • Search gets the Spotlight
  • App Switcher Changes
  • Seriously Siri
  • If you’re appy and you know it
  • iTunes Radio
  • iBeacons
  • Surfing Safari
  • Stop thief with Activation Lock

With “iOS 7 Without the Eye” on your reading device of choice, you can be sure you’re making the most of the best version of iOS yet. Tech trainers, be prepared when your students come to you for help, with an easy reference designed with your students in mind. iOS 7 users, be a self-starter and take control of all the new and changed features from day one.