Mosen Consulting eBook – “On-air, Online – Founding and Directing ACB Radio”

There was a time when Internet radio sounded grainy and intermittent. A time when people listened to Internet streams when connected to the Internet via a dial-up modem. A time when the idea that blind people could have their own radio network comprising programming by them and for them was the cause of wonderment and excitement. Jonathan Mosen lived through that time.
Devising the first international talk show for the blind, Jonathan went on, thanks to a remarkable series of events, to establish and direct ACB Radio for the American Council of the Blind.
In this eBook, published on the 15th anniversary of ACB Radio’s launch, Jonathan tells the story of how ACB Radio came to be. If you were a listener in those early days, you’ll be reminded of many familiar names and programs long gone, and the memories are sure to make you smile. Jonathan covers the highs and the lows, including his departure during a time of turmoil within ACB.
With a forward by Amanda Gough, who was married to Jonathan during his directorship of ACB Radio, this is a candid and detailed insight into a piece of blindness technology history in which many from around the world played a part.
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