Mosen Consulting eBook, Tweeting Blind

About the Book

“Tweeting Blind” is Jonathan Mosen’s comprehensive look at the world of Twitter from a blindness perspective. There’s something in “Tweeting Blind” for everyone, whether you’ve yet to get yourself a Twitter account, or you’re a power user looking for advanced tips and tricks. With “Tweeting Blind” to hand, you have the much-requested reference guide that makes sense of Twitter.

“Tweeting Blind” begins by explaining what Twitter is, and why you might like to become a part of it. It then guides you step by step through the sign-up process on a range of platforms.

Twitter is a highly customisable social network. “Tweeting Blind” takes you through the ways for you to configure Twitter to your liking, including a discussion about whether protecting your Twitter updates is the right choice for you.

To be comfortable and effective on Twitter, it’s helpful to understand its terminology and etiquette. There’s an entire chapter explaining what all that Twitter jargon  means, and how to conduct yourself in a way that helps you fit in.

Did you know Twitter offers a powerful interface useable entirely by text message? That means even if you don’t have the latest smartphone, you can still be a Twitter power user on the go. “Tweeting Blind” devotes a chapter to showing you how to make the most of this feature, whether it’s your primary means of interacting with Twitter, or for use to receive updates instantly from people and organisations important to you.

The remainder of “Tweeting Blind” looks at Twitter on a range of platforms. You’ll find chapters on using Twitter via the Web, with Windows clients, the Mac, iOS and Android. A wide range of clients is discussed, helping you choose the one that’s best for you on each platform, and providing basic operating instructions.

The book is written in Jonathan’s easy-to-follow, conversational style, with a little humour in the mix. The book succeeds in making the process of learning about Twitter both informative and fun.

Add “Tweeting Blind” to your arsenal of reference tools today.

How to Buy

“Tweeting Blind” is available today in hardcopy Braille, eBraille, DAISY and ePub formats for $19.95 USD.

What format is right for you? If you enjoy having a physical Braille book at your fingertips to refer to while you learn, National Braille Press will ship you a copy of the book to have on your real bookshelf.

If you use a Braille notetaker or another device that reads .brf files, you may enjoy the contracted electronic Braille version, also from National Braille Press.

The DAISY version of the book is a navigable audio file, which can be
heard on standalone DAISY players, computers using DAISY playback
software, mobile phones, and mp3 players (with limited navigation).

Finally, the ePub version is suitable for reading in iBooks, Voice Dream Reader, and other apps on your Android or iDevice, plus a range of other software solutions on a range of platforms.

Buy a hardcopy Braille, eBraille, or DAISY version from National Braille Press.

Purchase “Tweeting Blind” in ePub from Mosen Consulting.