Mosen Consulting webinar – Record Tech Demos like a Pro, presented by Jonathan Mosen

About the webinar

The archive of the Record Tech Demos like a Pro webinar covers using a range of tools on PC and Mac in conjunction with screen reading  technology to produce great sounding demos targeted at fellow blindness technology users.

When I started Main Menu in 2000, a technology show that is still heard on ACB Radio today, it ushered in an era of grass roots audio-based product demonstrations. The amount of material increased substantially  with the arrival of technologies like podcasting and Audioboom. It’s never been easier to produce a quality demonstration of a technology product that has inspired you to get behind the microphone. And it’s never been easier to make that demonstration available to thousands of people.

But not all tech demonstrations are created equal. If you’ve ever found yourself listening to a product demonstration full of stumbles and fumbles, barking guide dogs, ultra-fast speech, taking too long for the presenter to get to the point, and audio that sounds like it might have been done in a bathroom, you’ll know the frustration.

Poor product demonstrations are frustrating for the presenter too, since usually, the presenter is enthusiastic about what they’re demonstrating and wants to share that enthusiasm with listeners.

Think it requires teaching or broadcasting skills to do a really great audio product demonstration? Well, those are helpful skills, but by no means essential. Stick to a few basic rules and learn a few basic tricks, and you’ll be producing tech demonstrations that will have people eagerly anticipating your next one.

Looking for a job? In this tough market, being well known on social media for your tech knowledge is a way to get noticed, and good product demos can establish your creds in a short time.

And the good news is, everyone wins. The more great quality audio product demos are out there, the more we all benefit from the collective wisdom of one another.

For over 21 years, I’ve been producing product demonstrations for online consumption, in my personal capacity, for Internet radio, and for some of the world’s leading blindness tech companies. Broadcasting and presentation experience, the good old school of hard knocks, and a lot of customer feedback has helped me refine the craft over the years. Now, I want to share some of the inside scoop with you.


By the end of the Webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Tools you can use on the PC and Mac,
  • Mobile recording devices,
  • Microphone considerations,
  • Working with synthetic speech,
  • Recording levels,
  • How to communicate,
  • What to communicate,
  • How to get your demo maximum exposure,
  • And much more.

You’ll come away with some great new ideas to try, in order to make that demo the best it can be.


While the webinar has already taken place, you can still purchase the recording for $19.95. Buy it now, and you can download instantly and listen right away.