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Mosen At Large is your…usually…weekly catch-up with Jonathan Mosen, former assistive tech journalist and product manager, former commercial broadcaster and Government relations professional, currently a CEO in New Zealand. Jonathan is interested in many things, including technology, news, leadership, ketogenic living, meditation, music and more, and the podcast reflects this. One episode is very different from another. This unpredictable, eclectic podcast tells you what Jonathan is thinking about.


It’s based on his live Mushroom FM radio show, The Mosen Explosion. So the best way to get your voice and views on the podcast is to tune into The Mosen Explosion live on Saturdays at 2 PM US Eastern time. To find out when that is where you are, check the Mushroom Fm schedule.


You’ll find the podcast engaging, entertaining, at times controversial, but always professionally produced.


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Mosen At Large is a podcast. If you’re not familiar with that term, podcasts are audio, and sometimes video, programming delivered over the Internet. You can learn how to make a podcast of your own by purchasing our podcasting tutorial.

We’ve made it super easy to find us no matter how you like to listen to things. Let’s look at just a few ways.


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If that doesn’t work, it could be because some podcast apps don’t update their directories. Try searching for “The Blind Side Podcast” instead and that may work.

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Every week, we publish the latest episode of Mosen At Large on The Mosen Explosion Facebook page.

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To get in touch, send a regular email, or attach an audio file to an email message which may be included in a future podcast. The address is jonathan at mushroomfm .com, or call our listener line. It’s a US number, 864-606-6736. That’s 864-60Mosen.