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About Mosen At Large


Mosen At Large is the podcast that’s got the blind community talking. Join me, Jonathan Mosen, and the thousands of listeners who are part of the Mosen At Large community. Just listen if you like, or share your thoughts and questions. After all, if no one joined in, there’d be no conversation!

We’ll keep you on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing technology world from a blindness perspective, and make sense of it all. But there’s much more to Mosen At Large than tech. We look at everything through a blindness lens, including health, self-improvement, news, politics, history, leadership, music and more.

One episode is very different from another and often our listeners who write or call in set the direction of each episode.

You’ll find the podcast engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, informative, at times controversial, and always professionally produced.


Listening to the Mosen At Large podcast

Mosen At Large is a podcast. If you’re not familiar with that term, podcasts are audio, and sometimes video, programming delivered over the Internet. You can learn how to make a podcast of your own by purchasing our podcasting tutorial.

I’ve endeavoured to make it super easy to find the podcast no matter how you like to listen to things. Let’s look at just a few ways.

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Some people like to stream or download episodes from their web browser.

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If you’re deafblind or just prefer to read rather than listen, thanks to the support of Pneuma Solutions, we are able to offer transcripts of more recent episodes. Check out our transcript collection.

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Have a smartphone and want to try us out? That’s easy, just say to Siri or Google Assistant, “play Mosen At Large”, and your handy dandy virtual assistant will play the latest episode for you. Genius!

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Alexa seems to have a bit of trouble with the name “Mosen”, but if you are precise about your syntax, you can play Mosen At Large on your Alexa-enabled device with your default podcast method on that platform. For best results, say this to Alexa. “Alexa, play the podcast Mosen At Large, with Jonathan Mosen”

You can also find us in Amazon podcasts, which means you can listen to us in Amazon Music and even the Audible app. Subscribe in Amazon Podcasts.

Dedicated podcast clients

There are apps for all platforms that specialise in playing podcasts. The best way to hear Mosen At large is to get such an app, and subscribe to it in your podcast client of choice. That way you’ll receive the latest episode as soon as it becomes available without you having to do a thing. No need to keep checking a web page to see if we’ve updated the podcast.

iOS and MacOS include the Apple Podcasts app.

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I’ve made Mosen At Large available in all the major podcast directories. If you have a podcast app on your smartphone, PC or Mac, or a Victor Reader Stream, you should be able to search for Mosen At large and locate it easily.

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Some people use podcast solutions where the easiest way to subscribe to a podcast is to add the RSS feed of the podcast manually. If that’s you, then the RSS feed for Mosen At large is:



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Contributing to the show

Don’t be shy, we love conversation on Mosen At Large. If you’ve heard something you want to comment on, or you want to bring a new topic into the mix, I would love to hear from you. To get in touch, send a regular email, or attach an audio file to an email message which may be included in a future podcast. You can record this on the voice memos app built into your smartphone, the recorder in Windows…anything that can make an mp3 or M4a file is just fine. The address is Jonathan at mushroomfm .com, or call our listener line and record a voicemail message. It’s a US number, +1864-606-6736. That’s 864-60Mosen.

I receive many contributions, so here is a little information about the way I process them and what makes a contribution that I am likely to include.

I welcome a diverse mix of views on the show. In the time it has been running, we have developed a culture of respectful discussion. I believe it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Usually, I play contributions in the order they are received. Sometimes that means there could be a delay of several weeks between when you send your contribution in and when it gets played. However, I do prioritise contributions about time-sensitive or topical issues.

If your contribution is written, please try to make it easy to read out loud by writing in complete sentences and spell checking it before sending.

if you submit an audio contribution, please record in a quiet environment with any background music turned off, think about what you’d like to say ahead of time and what will interest other listeners. I may also edit your contribution for brevity and clarity.

It’s always great to get audio demos of apps or technology you think listeners might be interested in. If you are recording this kind of demo, please ensure that your speech is set at a rate slow enough for people who are not familiar with the text-to-speech you are using to understand. You and the technology you are demonstrating should never be talking at the same time. This makes it hard for listeners to hear and difficult for our transcribers.

While I use most contributions, some may not be selected if they don’t meet the above criteria, they duplicate views already expressed, or they personally attack individuals rather than challenge ideas.

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Mastodon is my preferred social network, and the account is where you can see links to recent episodes, get sneak peeks of what’s coming up and receive links to interesting articles that may inspire future discussion on the podcast.

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