“My Mac Pages” by Anne and Archie Robertson

About the book


“My Mac Pages” is the long-awaited, definitive VoiceOver users’ guide to using Pages on the Mac.

Apple’s iWork suite is bundled free of charge with many Macs, and is otherwise available from the Mac App Store at low cost. Pages, the word processor in the iWork suite, is packed with features for creating well-formatted, engaging, visually pleasing documents.

The majority of Pages’ features are accessible with VoiceOver, the screen reader built into every Mac. But to use Pages truly efficiently and effectively, you need to optimise both the app and the screen reader.

Unlock the secrets of document creation with “My Mac Pages”. Whether you’re looking to write a newsletter, present data in tabular or chart form, or take the world by storm with the next best-selling novel, “My Mac Pages” is packed with over 40,000 words of practical advice to help you get the job done.

About the Authors

Anne and Archie Robertson have been Mac users for about twenty years. Archie is fully sighted and Anne is totally blind. Both have worked in information technology since 1978. Before Mac OS X, Anne used the screen reader outSpoken for her work as a translator. She has been using VoiceOver since it became part of Mac OS X with version 10.4 Tiger.

They have taught many classes on using Pages with VoiceOver, and the training they provide is highly regarded.

Anne has generously given of her expertise on many Mac-focused email lists for the blind, and is widely regarded as the authority on using Pages with VoiceOver. Now, you can benefit from all this experience distilled into a comprehensive how-to guide.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s just a sample of the topics covered in “My Mac Pages”.

  • Optimising Pages for use with VoiceOver
  • Working with existing templates, and creating your own
  • Basic word processing
  • Checking spelling and grammar
  • Saving, exporting and printing documents
  • Working with styles and assigning shortcuts
  • All about fonts and colours
  • Text boxes
  • Shapes
  • Working with a signature to sign documents
  • Creating and navigating tables
  • Charts
  • Images
  • Managing footnotes
  • Tracking changes
  • Making your document truly multimedia with audio and video
  • Safeguarding sensitive documents with password protection
  • Generating tables of contents.

Note: while “My Mac Pages” covers advanced VoiceOver techniques to assist you in being as productive as possible with Pages, the book assumes you are familiar with day-to-day operation of your Mac with VoiceOver.

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Buy it right now, get reading instantly. When your purchase is complete, you can download a zip file containing “My Mac Pages” in ePub, PDF, and Pages formats, meaning you’ll be able to read the book on almost any electronic device. Use the ePub version on your iPhone or iPad in apps such as iBooks or Voice Dream Reader, or load the book into Pages on your Mac and follow along, the choice is yours.