Let’s be partners. Publish an eBook or Audiobook with us

Since Mosen Consulting launched in May 2013, we’ve been producing blindness-specific eBooks and audiobooks at an affordable price. By keeping the price down, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that what we produce will be affordable to many blind people who have limited income, while also keeping the business viable.

It’s said that there’s at least one book in every one of us, and Mosen Consulting is giving you the chance to publish that book. You write your masterpiece, we handle the selling and distribution, it’s that simple.

Are you a fountain of knowledge about a topic that you’d like to cover from a blindness perspective? Have you often thought, “I could write a book, or produce a really good audio tutorial that would help people, but I have no idea how to publish or market it?” Then read on, because we should talk.

Producing a how-to eBook or audio tutorial, whether it be about technology or some kind of self-help topic, requires diligence and research. But if you have the patience, the skills and the knowledge, we want to help you to get your title to readers and listeners.

Having a great eBook or audiobook is only part of the equation. The Internet is so vast, that spreading the word about what you’ve produced is a real challenge. So even if you develop or possess the website skills, and take the time to set up your own website, it may be tough to get the traffic to it that you need.

Having sold thousands of titles to satisfied customers, Mosen Consulting has a robust, fully accessible distribution platform for making eBooks, MP3 and DAISY titles available to the blind community. The site is well-known throughout the connected blind community.

When we form a partnership with you, Mosen Consulting will handle the marketing and distribution of your title. We’ll optionally provide editing services too. We’ll take a percentage of the revenue your title generates, so you pay no money up front, you have no administration issues to worry about, and you receive monthly revenue for your title.

While we do the distribution work for you, you can be working on your follow-up title.

The distribution agreements we sign with content creators will vary depending on the length of the title and whether you require other services from us, such as editing/proofing, narration, or DAISY creation.

We will only publish material that we believe meets high standards of accuracy and quality.

So if you’ve always wanted to put a full-length audio tutorial or eBook together, but you’ve been worried about the mechanics, get in touch and pitch your idea. We’d love to hear from you.