Archive of SSA Webinar, with guest Greg Makely

In the US? Knowing what you’re entitled to from SSA, and all the things you need to know, can be a real challenge.


Mosen Consulting hosted Greg Makely of the Family Resource Network Center of New Jersey to speak on Social Security Work Incentives, as they pertain to SSI & Medicaid  and SSDI & Medicare beneficiaries. He conducted a great webinar, and you can purchase the audio and PowerPoint slides, over 90 of them, packed with info you can use.


For many job seekers with disabilities, concerns surrounding social security benefits can be one of the reasons for reluctance in accepting or not accepting employment.
•    How will a job affect my benefits?
•    How much can I earn and still continue to receive my benefits?
•    If I lose my job, how long will it take to receive the benefits again?
•    Are there any blindness specific expenses I can count and still get benefits?
These concerns are often compounded by the frustration and confusion in getting answers from the social security administration or benefit specialists.


With this webinar, Greg answers these questions and others.


Speaker bio: Greg Makely

Greg has served people with disabilities, in various capacities, since 1986. He is currently Vice President of Employment of Services for The Family Resource Network, overseeing the New Jersey Work Incentives Network Support (NJWINS), Getting to Work (GTW), Wireless Work, and the EDGE 1.0 & 2.0 Programs.
NJWINS assists SSI and SSDI beneficiaries to utilize available work incentives while attempting to start, continue, or augment work. These work incentives allow a beneficiary to keep his/her benefit for as long as they are needed. GTW provides both regular Supported Employment Services and Customized Employment Services to people with any type of disability, ages 14 to 64, who are have open cases with NJDVRS, NJCVBVI and NJDDD, or who desire a self-pay option.  Employment Support Services involve person-centered assistance to discover work goals and prepare for, find, and retain work. Wireless Work assists people with disabilities to establish virtual networks that reach beyond HR screening practices, in order to conduct job search, increase skill level and further careers.  EDGE 1.0 is a program which assists transitioning high school students who are blind or vision-impaired to develop independent living, self- advocacy and job readiness skills and find competitive employment. EDGE 2.0 is serves college undergraduates who are blind or vision-impaired by assisting them to develop and implement a career-focused approach to their college experience so that all aspects of college life contribute to a portfolio that will enhance their post-graduate ability to become competitively employed in their field of choice.
Greg has written and won grants with SSA, NJDDS, NJDVRS, Kessler Foundation and NJCBVI to support this programming. He continues to write grants and launch and grow all awarded employment-centered programming.


Purchase the archive of this webinar for only $10. You can download a zip file right away, that includes an MP3 file of Greg’s talk, plus the PowerPoint presentation.