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About The Blind Side

With 24 hours in the day and so many podcasts to choose from, why take time to hear The Blind Side?


If you’re blind, you have a family member who is blind, or you work with blind people, then you’ve found the podcast that’s our place, for our issues.


Mainstream media pays scant attention to blindness at all, and it’s hard to find current affairs content that examines the world from the blind side of things. Settle back and enjoy a professionally-produced, engaging podcast covering the diverse experiences of life with blindness.


The Blind Side is a podcast hosted by Jonathan Mosen, that includes news, interviews, technology and lifestyle content. If it’s important to the blind community, it’s important to The Blind Side.


The news and interviews you’ll hear on the show are not all about blindness-related topics, but we’ll always look at all the items we cover from the unique perspective of blindness.


If you feel that mainstream media just doesn’t get how issues impact you as a blind person, you’ve found the podcast that understands.


We’re constantly scouring social media, and reading media releases from major blindness sources, to gauge the hot topics that warrant coverage on the show.


Some of the stories are of a current affairs and political nature, since almost all of what programming there is on disability issues tends to be light, fluffy and human interest oriented. But we also feature items on technology, health and mindfulness.


We conduct long-form interviews at times with key figures in the blind community who have made a contribution worthy of exploring.


In short, our aim is to make The Blind Side compelling, informative, unpredictable listening.


Listening to The Blind Side


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If you have any thoughts on something you’ve heard on The Blind Side, or you’d like to suggest something we should cover, by all means get in touch. You can send a regular email, or attach an audio file to an email message which may be included in a future podcast. Get in touch by contacting TheBlindSide at mosen dot org.