“Meet Me Accessibly – A Guide to Zoom Cloud Meetings from a Blindness Perspective”

Meet Me Accessibly, a guide to Zoom Cloud Meetings from a blindness perspective


If you attend meetings online, you’ve probably heard of Zoom Cloud Meetings. They’re now the platform of choice for 50% of the Fortune 50 companies, and are used by many universities worldwide.


Zoom Cloud Meetings are just as popular with small businesses and community groups as well, offering a generous set of features absolutely free, and even more power for a small monthly fee.


If by chance you’ve not heard of Zoom Cloud Meetings, then you’re missing out on one of the most powerful online meeting solutions around. And you know what’s really cool? The accessibility of its apps and websites is excellent. Bid those days of frustrating, inaccessible, fiddly collaboration and content sharing tools goodbye.


Meet Me Accessibly is a three-hour audiobook, written and narrated by Jonathan Mosen. It takes you from the basics of attending your first Zoom meeting, all the way to content sharing of your video and audio from a computer or iDevice.


Just some of the things Jonathan shows you in Meet Me Accessibly include:


  • Attending your first Zoom meeting
  • Working with and configuring the Windows client
  • Working with and configuring the iOS client
  • Creating compelling and effective online meetings of up to 100 participants for discussions or webinars
  • Using Zoom to have a sighted person take control of your computer, even a Mac user can control a Windows PC and vice versa
  • Running visually attractive presentations using PowerPoint, or by sharing the output of any application on your computer
  • Using the high-quality, low-latency audio capabilities of Zoom for one-on-one conversations
  • Holding global Internet and telephone conferences
  • Taking advantage of the exceptional audio for use in a podcast, including creating separate audio files for every participant for use in a multitrack editor such as Amadeus Pro or Reaper
  • Recording meetings and podcast interviews on your iPhone, thanks to the Zoom cloud recording capability
  • Recording top-quality tech demonstrations thanks to the easy-to-use ability for Zoom to capture your computer’s sound
  • Sharing the screen and audio from apps on your iDevice
  • Enabling stereo audio
  • Turning off Zoom’s audio processing for pure, top-quality sound
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Holding instant meetings
  • Using your personal meeting ID


As you can see, there’s so much that Zoom can do, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.


In Meet Me Accessibly, Jonathan uses JAWS for Windows, the world’s most used screen reader when working with Windows. When discussing Zoom’s mobile offerings, he uses an iPhone running VoiceOver, the screen reader built into all iOS products. But the user interface of Zoom adheres closely to accessibility standards, so even if you use a different platform or screen reader, you should still be able to glean much from the demonstrations and descriptions.


Get the first part of Meet Me Accessibly absolutely free


Mosen Consulting’s mission is to create opportunity through greater access to information. We applaud Zoom for coming up with such a compelling and accessible set of features. Zoom is our webinar and cloud meeting platform of choice, and we want to do all we can to encourage its further adoption within the blind community.


We’re therefore giving away the first part of Meet Me Accessibly, which talks you through how to attend your first Zoom meeting on both Windows and iOS.


If you’d like to know much more about being a power participant or host on Zoom, then the complete audiobook is for you.


Choose this link to download the first part of Meet Me Accessibly for free. Note, you may need to right-click this link and choose “Save As”, if you’d like to download the file.


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When you buy Meet Me Accessibly for just $35 USD, you receive instant access to the book. You get a zip file, with the book divided into 19 MP3 files to make it easy to get to the sections you want. An included M3U playlist allows you to easily play the book from beginning to end. We’ve taken care to number the files sequentially, so the book imports beautifully into Voice Dream Reader on an iDevice.


Purchase via PayPal with your PayPal account, or using any major credit card, no PayPal account required.


Since this audiobook is all about meetings, perhaps you’re part of an organisation who wants to switch to Zoom. We have generous site licensing available. Contact Mosen Consulting for details.


Get ready to take your communications and presentations to the next level.


Free JAWS scripts

Hartgen Consultancy have produced free JAWS scripts which enhance the Zoom Cloud Meeting experience even further. Download the free JAWS scripts.