2. Flashbulb moments, dual SIM iPhones, spontaneous accordion music, Google Assistant on iOS and more

We all have flashbulb moments. Events that had such an impact on our lives that we remember vividly where we were and what we were doing when we heard about them. I discuss some of my own and we hear some listener reflections.


After one of our listeners received a surprising visit from an accordion teacher she hadn’t seen for 40 years, she dusts off the instrument and plays a little traditional Scottish music for us.


What are the benefits of eSIM, and how do you use it if you have an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR? I’ll give you a quick demo.


We talk about using Google Assistant for iOS and how it’s doing some pretty smart things to be useful even on the highly restricted iPhone.


The Twitter account of Twitter’s CEO got hacked. What’s up with that?


We talk more about the importance of our assistive technology being efficient, and how blindness OCR packages aren’t meeting everyone’s needs.


All this and much more on this week’s Mosen At Large.

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