Back to podcasting. Announcing the Mosen At Large Podcast

Hello from New Zealand, where it is nearly spring.


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent such generous feedback on the series Glen Gordon completed with me called “In The Arena”. Glen did an outstanding job and I certainly felt like I’d had a good mental workout by the end of the process. I am pleased so many people enjoyed it.


Since I began my new CEO role here in New Zealand, I’ve been asked a lot if I will ever get back to podcasting. I certainly will be doing some in my new role, but when I had to make a choice due to limited discretionary time about whether to keep podcasting or continue the Mosen Explosion which I’ve been doing in various forms for over 20 years, my heart told me to stick with the Mosen Explosion because it’s been going so long, even though more people used to listen to The Blind Side.


Having had some time to settle into my new job, I began to think about whether there was any way I might combine the two things. Could I use some of the material from my live Mosen Explosion radio show to create a podcast?


It’s taken careful thought and planning, but the result is now ready for you, and it’s called Mosen At large. The first episode will be out within an hour or so of this announcement.


This is a podcast like nothing I’ve done before. It’s unlikely to feature many interviews. For the most part, it’ll be a monolog-type of show with listeners having the chance to chime in as well. I’m interested in many things, including technology, news, leadership, ketogenic living, meditation, music and more, and the podcast will reflect this. One episode will be very different from another. Sometimes it’ll get nice and geeky, at other times technology won’t get a look in. I’m really doing it for those who have said they’d like to keep in touch with me and what I’m thinking about.


If you are already subscribed to The Blind Side Podcast feed, you’ll get the episodes automatically and the feed is gradually being rebranded across all the podcast services. In Overcast, for example, it’s already showing up as Mosen At Large.


If you’re not currently subscribed, use your podcast app of choice to search for Mosen At Large. If that yields no results, try The Blind Side Podcast instead.


For further information, check out the Mosen At large web page. I hope you enjoy the new podcast and appreciate your interest.