ClearRecord for iOS Now has Dropbox Support

Blind iOS users are often spoiled for choice. More often than not, we can ask the question, “which accessible app in a given category do you prefer” rather than “is there an accessible app that does this”.


There are a number of recording apps for iOS that are excellent. My favourite no frills recording app is ClearRecord. It’s simple, fully accessible, and offers the ability to record in .wav format. This means that if I’m recording something in the field that needs editing or processing later, I can put the file into Amadeus Pro and do serious work on it without loss of quality caused by decompressing an already compressed file.


Wav files take up a lot of space, so if you’re a bit short of that, and/or you know you’re not going to want to edit the recording later, ClearRecord can create an M4A file.


Previously, you could get your recordings off your device using iTunes file sharing, or by enabling web server functionality in the app. With the latter method, you ensure that your device is connected to wifi, point your PC or Mac’s browser to the internal IP address of your iPhone, and you get a nice web page from which you can download your recordings.


Those methods are still available, but with the latest version of ClearRecord, there’s an even easier way to get your recordings off your device. ClearRecord now connects with Dropbox. So, record something on your iPhone, and the recording is sent to the cloud, making it accessible by any Dropbox capable device.


This is similar functionality to that offered by the accessible and popular Dropvox app. However, the Dropvox app is clearly targeted at voice only recordings, and records in M4A at a low bit rate. Apparently, more recording quality choices will be available in version 2.0.


For now though, ClearRecord offers a lot of configurability, and its new Dropbox integration has made it even more useful.


What apps are you using for recording on your iThing? Let us know in the comments.

3 Comments on “ClearRecord for iOS Now has Dropbox Support

    • I like FiRe a lot, but more could be done to make it work better with VoiceOver.

  1. Actually FiRi2 boss have dropbox support. I use it all the time and hokisi or how ever you spell it does as well. You can export to wave and upload to dropbox with FiRi2. I’m glad there are now so many choices out there for us to use.