Episode 101: Respecting opinions different from your own, maths equipment of the past, more on Clubhouse and the importance of an open Internet

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.
As always, we celebrate a diversity of topics and viewpoints. Through open listening, we understand each other better.
On the show this week.
A weekend of COVID alert changes and technical outages,0:00.000
Podcast reviews are a one-way street. So here’s my reply to one.,3:01.571
Quick tips. Braille in iOS 14.4 and a recommended Bluetooth headset,18:51.914
Britain’s NHS is alive, well and healthy,20:44.279
Low-cost but effective solutions for scanning print in Windows?,22:01.099
Reminiscing about maths equipment of the past,26:57.657
More on Facebook and the Australian Government,42:18.740
More thoughts onClubhouse,1:02:17.360
More on guide dog refusals by ride share and taxi drivers,1:11:49.736
Braille is great but screen reader support can be frustrating,1:18:16.781
Feedback on iOS voice control,1:20:46.145
Using wired headphones with your iPhone,1:24:32.102
Is there an app that will help me read the display on things like battery chargers?,1:28:13.070
iPhone sounds and memorising the location of app controls,1:29:19.250
What is direct Touch in VoiceOver?,1:32:41.950
Facebook for iOS. There is no going back,1:34:27.747
Thoughts on Apple innovation, accessibility resourcing and quality control. And has anyone had success with online dating?,1:35:50.921
What it’s like to be a part of a COVID vaccine trial,1:44:30.129
Looking for a high quality XLR headset,1:53:40.073
New build of APH Studio recorder and answering the scanner question,1:56:31.064
Wanting an app for cleaning the iOS cache,1:58:18.015
The Bonnie Bulletin. Uber eats has a new feature, but be careful!,1:58:58.303
Closing announcement and contact info,2:04:25.550
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