Episode 103: New Zealand making waves, dating when blind, maths equipment, iOS 14.5 beta 3 and more

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Now streaming live on Facebook and YouTube,0:00
Mushroom FM’s new server brings improved audio quality, back on Apple Music,0:59
Join the Blind Podmaker club for blind podcasters onClubhouse,3:30
Thanks for the wonderful reviews this week,5:29
New Zealand’s been making waves this week,6:42
Perspectives on dating when blind,15:04
Studying maths and maths equipment,46:10
Netflix accessibility on the website,48:54
Comments on past episodes,52:11
iOS 14.5 beta 3 is out,58:06
Braille scrolling problems persist,1:00:07
The Facebook Back button in iOS,1:03:53
I don’t want notifications to duck the audio,1:04:45
Mixers versus audio interfaces, captcha on iPhone, revisiting a restaurant afterdiscrimination,1:08:27
Widex hearing aids?,1:23:49
The importance of looking good,1:32:18
The Bonnie bulletin on dating blind,1:33:33
Closing and contact info,1:44:15