Episode 119: Blind pride, accommodations we don’t want at airports, AirTag thoughts and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. A reminder that this podcast is indexed by chapter. If you listen with a podcast client that offers chapter support, you can easily skip between segments.

Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Revisiting the Brave browser,0:54. Check out Brave at http://brave.com
Get free admission to Podfest Masterclass with my promo code,7:58. Head on over to https://bit.ly/3nIdfpt to get your tickets. Apply the promo code blindpodmaker for $99 off.
Listener thoughts on blind pride,12:34
Why I am proud to be blind,24:08
Blind people, wheelchairs and airports,33:44
COVID vaccinations from a blindness perspective,40:53
Where can I get jingles for my podcast?,58:11
Thoughts and questions about AirTags,1:00:08
Myths about sight,1:12:54
iPhone audio via the Lightning port,1:19:00
Thoughts on daylight saving,1:20:19
Atheism versus agnosticism,1:23:45
The Bonnie bulletin on AirTags and whether we should be able to make phone calls on planes,1:27:59
Support Give Kids the World Village through John Moore’s fundraiser,1:42:28. If you can,please make a donation at https://give.gktw.org/fundraiser/3231996
Thoughts on text-to-speech engines and ableist language,1:45:49
Listener feedback on the Sonos Roam,1:53:19
What accessibility changes have their been in Clubhouse recently?,2:00:38
What video doorbell should I get?,2:06:10
Kids can be cruel,2:11:26
Bringing blind children into the world,2:15:56
Looking for suggestions for accessible exercise equipment,2:16:47
Braille is not a language!,2:18:12
Closing and contact info,2:21:15