Episode 124: Plenty of Apple news, a laptop update that went badly wrong, screen reader comparisons and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s what’s on this episode, and remember that you can skip between segments of the show if you have a podcast app that supports the highly handy dandy chapter marks.

Apple foreshadows a series of new accessibility features,5:35.014
Apple announces major changes to the way you’ll hear music,12:35.841
JAWS for Windows versus VoiceOver for MacOS, and is touch support any good with Windows screen readers?,28:17.788
Thoughts from a cochlear implant wearer,37:24.605
An update to a Dell computer that went badly wrong,45:12.217
Daylight saving experiments,1:00:01.741
Braille in iOS 14.5 and reassigning NVDA keys to not use Insert or Capslock,1:00:36.263
Maria’s musings on recent episodes including a request for feedback on Amazon tablets,1:04:26.633
Experiences with video doorbells,1:14:50.460
Hurtful and incredibly ignorant discrimination,1:17:49.967
This week on the Bonnie bulletin, is horse racing a cruel sport?,1:22:10.963
Listening to Internet radio with Siri has changed in iOS 14.5,1:45:47.601
Oticon More hearing aids,1:49:51.134
Sexual abuse on a bus. Warning, contains disturbing content that may be triggering for some,1:51:05.368
How easy is it to enable AmazonSmile in the mobile app,1:55:07.556
More thoughts on text-to-speech engines,1:56:46.374
Airports, disabled people and diversity,1:59:18.220
The second,2:12:17.225
Blind with a capital B,2:13:48.409
An exercise bike recommendation,2:14:37.552
Closing and contact info,2:17:58.558
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