Episode 131: A detailed look at the forthcoming iOS 15 focus options, when social services says being blind means you can’t be a parent and more

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Improve your productivity and take control of notifications with Focusses in iOS15,0:27
Listener comments onWWDC,17:21
Blind people and the medical profession,31:21
Do we need a different approach to accessibility?,46:02
Zed10 mixer and Zoom Cloud Meetings,49:45
Resources for upskilling with JAWS,52:29
A few issues with a new Dell computer,54:13
How are people getting on these days with JAWS and iTunes?,58:11
Blind people recording things,59:22
Digital to Analogue converters,1:03:01
It shouldn’t be so hard to repair a Mac,1:04:05
Standing up against misuse of the word blind,1:07:27
Can you input in Braille when the Mantis is a terminal?,1:10:39
The one-eyes man and blind pride,1:12:12
Why people use the Victor Reader Stream,1:21:45
An ElBraille review,1:24:54
Collaborating with others using Word on the Mac,1:27:56
The Echo Studio not playing nice with the Apple TV,1:28:40
What is the Soup Drinker and where can I get it?,1:32:28
The Bonnie Bulletin ,1:34:32
The Zoom Podtrak P4 works well as a little mixer at the office,1:36:25
The new Samsung Washing machine in crisis,1:38:45
Closing and contact info,1:50:11