Episode 132: New Zealand broadcasting and entertainment icon, Don Linden

In this episode, I speak with a New Zealand broadcasting and entertainment legend, Don Linden. Don has enjoyed a career as an actor and entertainer, and is much loved for his Small World radio show. Beginning in 1977, Small World was known as “the kids’ show for the whole family”. Spanning multiple decades and multiple radio stations, and spinning off into a very successful series of CDs, Don’s show, and the material he played, is much loved.

Don and I have been collaborating over the last six months on a revival of Small World, which I will host on Mushroom Escape, the drama and comedy channel. You can hear it at 12, 4, and 8 AM and PM North American Eastern time every Sunday. The Mushroom Escape schedule will display in your time zone for you.

In this interview, Don talks a little about his childhood, his work as an entertainer, and a lot about Small World.

It’s my great honour not just to bring the show back, but through the Internet, to bring it to a global audience.