Episode 138: Why we’re going podcast-only, what will and won’t Apple’s Accessibility Team help you with, and blindness employment discussion

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Mosen At Large is going podcast only. Here’s why.,0:39
What will Apple Accessibility help you with?,10:14
How to take control of VoiceOver’s screen recognition feature in iOS,23:52
various contributions on employment,29:49
This company needs a good grilling,41:08
Is there an accessible way to navigate DVD menus?,1:11:33
What sound card do I need,1:13:16
The Bonnie Bulletin. Glued to the blindness convention coverage,1:15:30
More thoughts on the medical profession’s attitude to disability,1:21:52
Employment discussion,1:28:33
Closing and contact info,1:34:55