Episode 140: Amazon Echo’s new voice, the Apple MagSafe Battery, meet the Optophone, a reading machine invented in the early 1900s and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s what’s on when. Remember, you can skip between these segments if you have a podcast client that supports chapters.
Amazon Echo gets a new voice,1:16.053
The ACB convention,6:01.416
Sky New Zealand’s Olympics app has accessibility issues,10:47.996
More feedback on OrCam MyEye,12:41.472
iOS 14.7 is out,19:05.096
The social model of disability is so last century!,22:57.324
Calling ableism out might upset the nondisabled,35:07.603
Feedback on the Pneuma Solutions interview,42:52.294
Edd Thomas talks about the Optophone,48:11.986 You can read the Optophone article here
The Bonnie Bulletin in scary times,1:29:03.119
The Bonnie Bulletin in sad times,1:31:52.215
Unboxing the Apple MagSafe battery,1:34:21.835
Bonnie comments on getting on the job ladder,1:42:00.398
YouTube not working with Safari on iOS,1:45:17.189
Looking for hints on staying in step with a white cane,1:47:18.465
Coping with Non-24 Sleep/Wake disorder,1:49:39.736
Legacy Android gestures aren’t so bad once explained properly,1:52:29.321
Why doesn’t the keyboard shortcut list work with the Apple Wireless Keyboard on my iPhone?,1:55:27.000
How does the Touchbar work with VoiceOver on a Mac?,1:56:38.532
Closing and contact info,1:59:16.338
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