Episode 146: New Zealand’s Royal Commission into abuse in care, blindisms, tech topics and more

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

A reminder about chapter marks,0:27
Plenty of beta testing drawing to a close,2:52
Apple delaying its CSAM prevention measures,5:49
Paul Gibson on New Zealand’s Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care,7:03
My experience with the Abuse In Care Commission so far, and how to contact it,45:48
Listener comments on abuse at schools for the blind,50:22
The NZ COVID Tracer app,54:17
More perspectives on ableist language,59:46
Using Alexa to manage your Calendar,1:07:57
The Clubhouse hallway could do with some accessibility love,1:17:14
Strategies for curing blindisms?,1:21:03
How do I learn how to use the iPhone camera?,1:28:24
What’s accessibility like these days with Synology NAS devices?,1:35:55
The Bonnie Bulletin, we’ve conquered the Uber Eats obsession,1:41:53
Share the DNA and learn a lot,1:47:01
The world is full of strife, but at least we finally have new ABBA music,1:53:39
How to contact the show,1:59:11