Episode 147: September 11 memories, Apples big reveal, advice on starting a business and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers, from level 3 lockdown in Wellington New Zealand. Here’s what’s on when. Remember, you can skip between these segments if you have a podcast client that supports chapters.
New hardware from Apple being announced,1:05.410
The verdict is in on Apple vs Epic Games,10:47.534
Some tech stories of interest this week,15:32.689
Where in the world is Jonathan Mosen?,22:16.487
My reflections on 11 September 2001,24:05.844
Memories of 9/11 from around the world,34:19.954
Abuse at schools for the blind,1:16:32.724
Eliminating blindisms,1:20:05.064
Chromebooks and Voxmate,1:24:39.564
Celebrity interviews,1:25:44.700
Thoughts on AccessiBe,1:29:20.665
How to get into real estate?,1:31:07.671
What methods exist to control computers remotely?,1:34:31.409
I can’t allow a blind man to buy me coffee,1:37:28.352
Looking for help picking a digital recorder,1:41:01.386
Questions about the Zoom conferencing platform,1:42:31.957
How can I improve my speed when writing with a Braille slate?,1:46:10.982
Have any of our blind listeners had near death experiences?,1:47:48.773
I want to start my own business. Any tips?,1:49:30.000
How to contact the show,1:59:00.469
Share your thoughts on these topics or any others. Drop me an email in writing or with an audio attachment, Jonathan at MushroomFm.com, or phone the listener line in the United States, +1864-60Mosen, that’s +18646066736.
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