Episode 156: Part 2 of our Chromebook tutorial, Amazon removes some email functionality from Alexa, a radio app for your Apple Watch and more

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Jonathan interviewed on The Detail,1:30.642. You can search for The Detail in
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Feedback onChromebooks,3:16.058

How I use my EchoDot,9:41.166

Amazon removing Gmail and Microsoft email support for Alexa devices,13:59.747

Apple questions and comments,16:10.485

Games blind and sighted people can play together,26:41.759

Part 2 of our Chromebook and Chromevox review and demonstration,35:09.431

Scanning with smartphones,1:23:59.063

Sighted people crying over blindness,1:26:26.841

Smoke detectors and the Deaf or hearing impaired,1:28:21.304

Thoughts on good VPN options,1:30:15.441

The Bonnie Bulletin,1:33:30.043

Review of the Streamlets radio app for Apple Watch,1:44:17.860

Jump Desktop question,1:47:32.354

Encouraging research for those with Norries Disease and similar degenerative
hearing loss,1:49:07.325

Clubhouse has a music mode,1:52:03.150

Android comments,1:54:29.319

What’s the best barcode scanning app for iPhone?,1:57:53.484

Closing and contact info,1:59:27.355

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