Episode 167: Russias invasion of Ukraine from a blindness perspective, tell me the songs you love and hate, and your old bulletin board memories

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

A different episode from the one anticipated,0:00

Andre Polykanine is a blind Ukrainian now living inGermany,4:13

Various Apple items including more Braille reports,44:16

Review of LSoft Active@ Disk Image for

A question about the Signal messaging app,53:52

Looking for a headset recommendation,56:08

Apple Music gapless playback is broken,57:54

A sunburn remedy,1:00:41

Freedom Scientific issues a technical support notice about some Dell

Why can’t text to speech engines just speak what’s actually on the

Face ID with a mask in iOS 15.4,1:10:22

Learn Unified English Braille online,1:12:20

I’m lucky and glad to be alive,1:13:03

I love using Linux and Braille together,1:22:31

The Fediverse and memories of the good old computer bulletin boards,1:25:51

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with thoughts on the Ukraine invasion,1:36:58

Songs you like most, songs you like least, and songs your mother used to sing to

Bonnie and Jonathan invite you to a celebration,1:51:28

Closing and contact info,1:54:24