Episode 173: We’re with U coming this Saturday, a comprehensive review of Fantastical for iOS, what’s your favourite food delivery service and why

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Tune in next Saturday for the We’re with U Ukrainian benefit

HumanWare responds to reports of data loss with Brailliant Braille

A way for blind people to produced synchronised DAISY text and audio,11:48

Label it: A book on ways to label things,12:27

Please share effective strategies for advocating when apps or websites aren’t

The letter t on my iPhone is possessed!,16:23

Radio and telephone memories and fun,23:01

Accessibility issues with the updated Overcast podcast app for iOS,45:56

iOS passwords when a Braille display is paired,51:47

The benefits of LinkedIn for networking, and its horrible clunky user interface
with VoiceOver on iOS,54:59

Review of the Fantastical calendar app fromFlexibits,1:00:18

The Bonnie Bulletin behind the altered mic,1:40:09

Comment on the invasion of Ukraine,1:41:47

Leaks at MosenTowers,1:46:17

Take the pressure down!,1:48:50

Menulog expanded again, and Doordash is to launch in New Zealand,1:51:29

Transmission Gully is finally open,1:54:28

My great invention idea,1:56:20

Closing and contact info,1:58:30