Episode 175: If you could only choose one video streaming service, which one would you pick, And a review and demonstration of the Spring Twitter app for Apple devices

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

We’re with U recap,0:00

Jonathan speaking at Perkins and Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey next
week,3:45. Register for the career launch event at

Learn about VLANJ Tech

If you could only keep one streaming video service, which one would it

Comments on episode 172,11:45

Braille, broadcasting and streaming live to Facebook and YouTube,20:22

How Voice Dream Reader could be even better,27:02

Can anyone recommend books about Louis Braille?,28:04

Changing the function key on Lenovo laptops,30:03

Preamble to our demo of the Spring Twitter app for Apple

Two versions of Spring,40:45

Setting up your Twitter account with Spring,42:41

Basic navigation and operation of Spring,43:13

Searching for people and tracking hashtags in Spring,59:35

Managing your profile and working with people in Spring,1:06:28

Keyboard shortcuts for Spring,1:13:05

Spring on the iOS Share Sheet,1:16:35

Support for multiple accounts inSpring,1:18:02

Feature request for spring. Multiple tweet/tweet storm support,1:18:49

Customising Spring via the Settings tab,1:19:43

How to advise people about accessibility,1:44:56

Petition on Apple

The Bonnie Bulletin,1:52:27

Closing and contact info,1:59:51