Episode 194: Aira comes to the Envision Smart Glasses, Apples got new iPhones coming, and a final discussion about literacy in a blindness context

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

The big reveal,0:00

Next week, Mosen at Large welcomes a sponsor,1:29

Apple’s Far Out event is 7 September,3:32

Final thoughts on literacy in a blindness context,6:16

Sony noise cancelling headphones,49:42

Karthik Kannan talks about Aira on the Envision Glasses and more,58:53

Siri, iOS 16 and more,1:43:11

We should capitalise Google when using it as a verb, and here’s the Grammar
Girl podcast

on the matter,1:54:46

Comments on episode 187,1:56:47

Closing and contact info,2:00:13