Episode 198: Microphone advice, laptop advice, and one of these 26 things is not like the other

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


Classic 99 demo,0:48.832

Demo of the Sing my Number Alexa skill,13:08.945

Grammar checker,17:58.188

Looking for a microphone,20:28.997

Why does Winamp not stay in focus?,23:47.348

Mantis with multiple devices,26:44.683

What’s up with the Braille letter W?,28:45.867

Mental wellness apps,31:03.930

5% blind,38:51.931

The accessibility of Roku devices needs work,45:13.549

More thoughts on self-description,46:22.160

Getting numbers from Pinecast,48:13.913

Blind pride,51:01.119

We should be pushing harder for audio described ads on TV,53:42.306

I’m looking for a new laptop,56:09.139

my iPhone is full,1:01:59.997

Various tech topics,1:09:35.770

Lost focus,1:13:27.571

Looking for web accessibility resources,1:15:17.200


Victor Reader Stream,1:27:01.000

Fixing ears at home,1:28:32.158

A WhatsApp tip,1:29:46.604

Comments on Aira,1:31:34.255

Online accessibility advocacy,1:36:03.912

A problem with Backpack Studio,1:40:13.114

A review of the ARX Vision Headset,1:42:49.276

Looking for an accessible Twitter scheduler,1:54:00.732

Closing and contact info,1:57:39.328

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