Episode 209: Aira to increase prices and make free offers less generous, Mastodon adoption increases rapidly, and be sure to vote for your top 10 holiday songs

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Mosen at Large taking a summer break,0:00.000

Like totally like welcome California,2:15.218

Have you voted in the holiday countdown

Troy Otillio and Jenine Stanley from Aira,10:29.809

Mastodon and the changing social media landscape,1:08:27.747

More on iOS VoiceOver focus issues in lists,1:24:27.599

My Siri doesn’t understand me,1:25:27.386

Guide dog refusals,1:28:13.000

Reaction to the Johny Cassidy interview,1:30:32.797

New York Times accessibility, and audio readings of newspapers”,1:31:39.813

Windows Defender versus a paid solution,1:40:23.100

Sony WM1000 XM5,1:44:19.364

Staying straight while crossing a street,1:48:25.521

Navigating by sentence in JAWS,1:52:15.818

Question about Overcast,1:53:30.720

The closure we seek,1:55:44.838

Closing and contact info,1:57:50.923

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