Episode 212: All that’s new in HumanWare’s Victor Reader Stream third generation, is it time for us to do visual interpretation differently, and an Australian bar says if you’re blind and by yourself, it’s a safety risk for you to drink

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Intro and some notes for new listeners,0:00

Mathieu Paquette and Dominic Labbe from HumanWare discuss the Victor Reader
Stream Third Generation,1:43

Statement from New Zealand’s Braille Authority on always capitalising the word
Braille ,52:57

Apple Watch Ultra,55:30

BARD and Zoom now on the BlindshellClassic 2,1:01:04

Pneuma Solutions bringing RIM to the Mac,1:02:25

The blind community could reinvent visual interpretation,1:03:42

Envision announces a range of price points for its glasses,1:11:10

Bar refuses to serve a woman because she’s blind and has no carer,1:18:22

The Bonnie Bulletin says hi to 212,1:31:53

She’s here! She’s here!,1:33:52

How we ended up with our SunStream Evolve 10 infrared Sauna,1:41:22

The Qardio Arm blood pressure monitor,1:48:52

The Shure MV7,1:53:29

Brailliant follow-up,1:55:11

Mastodon, Cricket and Internet radio”,1:56:01

Closing and Contact info,2:00:14