Episode 215: More thoughts on the Victor Reader Stream, what are your favourite PC speakers, and the astounding new voice AI technology fromEleven Labs

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome Pennsylvania,0:00

Sending love to those affected by natural disasters,1:24

The Victor Reader Stream,4:03

Learning JAWS,17:53

Braille support in Android TalkBack, and hearing aids”,23:41

Our Eleven Labs feature begins with a tech roundup,31:07

More Eleven Labs samples,35:42

Interview with Mati Staniszewski from Eleven Labs,43:56

iPhone DFU and other matters,1:31:28

Braille instruction,1:35:41

IP Braille table,1:38:37

Looping audio on the iPhone,1:42:36

Court reporting and captioning,1:45:16

I love Sonos,1:50:54

Ham Radio,1:52:44

Comments on several products,1:54:54

Looking for PC speakers,1:58:51

Closing and contact info,2:01:08