Episode 218: More advocacy success, what’s your favourite Braille display, depression in the blind community, and the Sense Player from Hims

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to Minnesota,0:13

The New Zealand census and a story of effective advocacy,3:37

deteriorating compatibility between JAWS and some Microsoft apps,14:40

Depression in the blind community,16:26

Tech Roundup,36:11

Comments on episode 214,41:37

Which Braille display should I buy?,46:40

Dictation has gotten really bad on my iPhone,49:47

Bad Apple experience inSouthAfrica,55:55

Brian Hartgen discusses the Sense Player from Hims,1:05:01

Ableist language,1:38:48

Looking for an accessible CRM,1:51:30

Poor support from Zoom,1:55:55

Following up on the Microsoft Access inquiry,1:57:51

Closing and contact info,1:58:42