Episode 220: Going in-depth on the Optima, more on well-being, and the blindness portable player discussion continues

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to Ohio,0:00
Adi Kushnir and Venkatesh Chari discuss the Optima, a forthcoming device that will be a laptop with a Braille display”,3:01
Blind people being denied alcohol,1:08:43
Using Biblos to Turn ebooks into audiobooks,1:11:12
Advocacy to Google on a Google Calendar issue,1:13:17
Feedback on a few tech topics from recent episodes,1:15:45
Comments on Bing and Eleven Labs,1:18:12
Comments on episode 218,1:21:55
Diet and well-being,1:26:46
Sense Player and Victor Reader Stream feedback,1:33:09
Podcast apps,1:48:11
Census and mail security,1:55:16
Closing and contact info,2:00:22