Episode 24: Common misconceptions sighted people have about blind people

Episode 24: Common misconceptions sighted people have about blind people

Hi Mosen at largers. It’s another very busy show thanks to your input. Remember, in a podcast player supporting chapter marks, you can easily skip forward and back between segments. Here’s each item followed by its time in the file.


It’s Leap Year’s Day as we record this,0:57.276

Learning to code,7:43.444

Alternative calendars that don’t require a leap day every four years,8:59.318

Listener comment on people who think all blind people are alike,10:01.901

A remarkable iPhone survival and customer service story,12:18.344

An Alexa skill that won’t disable,18:29.928

Listener praise for a Samson microphone,20:22.389

Who wears their Apple Watch in the shower,22:25.295

Listener comment on audio apps and YouMail,23:18.014

Apple Watch fall detection,27:44.930

Listener comment on misconceptions about blindness,28:32.533

Listener comment on bullying and envy in the blind community,29:15.060

Listener comment on a blindness agency that won’t let you identify as blind,34:44.123

Listener questions about 1Password,38:19.828

As blind people how do we know that cold callers are who they say they are,46:32.317

iOS 13.4 beta 3 update,51:33.124

Tom Dooley sequel,59:19.708

Listener question on routers and access points with the most accessible interfaces,1:00:09.350

The Bonnie Bulletin would it be so bad to have official guide dog certification in the US,1:02:58.484

Misconceptions about blind people,1:14:31.189

A listener review of the WeWalk smart cane,1:16:40.036

Listener comment on attitudes in the blind community and a forthcoming free iOS guide,1:21:28.941

Listener comment on the responsibility of guide dog handlers,1:24:00.893

Listener comment on bullying,1:25:31.767

Listener question on stopping JAWS showing formatting in Braille,1:28:01.835

Significant changes happening for Bluetooth audio including hearing aids,1:30:55.592