Episode 25: I got hacked, memories of Monopoly, standing up to hate speech and CSUN is still happening

Episode 25: I got hacked, memories of Monopoly, standing up to hate speech and CSUN is still happening

Hi Mosen At Largers. Thank you for listening, and also for the reviews and 5 star ratings people have left. And of course we have received a mountain of contributions again this week, so thank you also for those. Here’s what’s on this week’s episode followed by the time in the file that you can hear it. Remember, if you use a podcast app with chapter support, Mosen At Large fully supports chapters to make it easy to skip to sections of the podcast.


Earlier this week I got hacked,1:35.203

Blind job preparedness and praise for Ulysses for iOS,5:22.166

Using Overcast with voice control,11:12.230

Learning to use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone,13:25.035

Can you get a sighted person to control your iPhone remotely?,16:59.208

The fascinating history of Monopoly and versions we have played over the years,19:04.044

Accessible routers and antivirus software,33:19.165

Sighted people questioning whether blind people should be parents and problems with VoiceOver for iOS losing speech persist,37:04.257

iOS beta issues and the future of cricket audio commentary in New Zealand,42:16.102

Accessible radon detectors,47:33.621

Remembering a tough New Zealand anniversary and what it teaches us about standing up to hate speech,48:53.740

Games on the good old Apple II E,57:47.956

Why is the CSUN conference still happening?,58:47.225

Memories of 15 March from New Zealand,1:02:58.057

Do you ever call your voice assistant instead of your guide dog?,1:03:42.280

Aira is discontinuing Horizon,1:05:46.235

The Bonnie bulletin begins with talk of tornados inTennessee,1:11:37.764

New Zealand’s Red Puppy appeal is approaching,1:14:13.927

requiring proof of guide dog certification,1:17:00.163

Aira feedback,1:23:56.704

Making ringtones and blindness agencies that use vision in their name,1:25:38.506

Protect your Uber rides with a PIN,1:27:06.023

New studies show that a keto diet is good for brain health as we get older,1:28:51.256

Closing and contact info,1:32:41.031