Episode 53: If you had to choose between your computer and smartphone, which would you keep? Braille display comparisons, weather apps and more

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Special episode coming mid-week on podcasting and podcast hosting

This is the first Mosen At Large using the new Focusrite Scarlett 8I6 audio

Thoughts on various Braille displays,15:08.562

The Focus Braille display,29:06.077

Learning Braille and choosing a display,34:50.505

Favourite iOS weather apps,41:20.428

The joys of Braille Screen Input,44:12.368

Computer versus smartphone. If you could only keep one, which one would you

Is there a way to block an entire prefix with an iPhone?,1:02:33.673

Reflections on the ADA,1:05:59.332

Books and podcasts I would recommend,1:11:08.185

Synology NAS accessibility and working with VMWare Fusion,1:24:05.753

Recommendations for accessible accounting apps,1:28:45.429

Setting up a new Windows computer without sighted assistance,1:30:57.076

Wishes for future iOS versions,1:33:27.518

Working with Ferrite for iOS,1:38:00.955

The Bonnie bulletin begins with Bonnie choosing between her computer and

Space splash downs past and present,1:42:16.270

Things that make us unsubscribe from podcasts,1:44:28.621

YouTube for iOS,1:48:18.972

Moving more from Eloquence toVocalizer,1:49:30.566

How’s the Zoom F6 portable field recorder working out?,1:51:03.205

Questions inspired by past shows,1:54:16.354


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