Episode 72: Apples next big event, the four big tech companies under scrutiny, who wants a self-driving car and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. It’s another podcast that will get you thinking, then hopefully get you contributing. If your podcast app supports chapters, you can skip between the following sections.
Reporting back on the Bose Portable Smart Speaker performance,2:15.477
What to expect at Apple’s next big event,6:22.380
Congressional report slams four big tech companies,13:35.867
Who wants a self-driving car? Me me me!,26:42.380
More thoughts on education,41:45.094
iPhone online busking,57:46.512
Assisted dying referendum in New Zealand,59:09.174
Is Narrator ready for daily use?,1:06:33.959
Audio apps for the PC. Switch Sound File Converter and Studio Recorder,1:10:17.745
What’s a good microphone for the Victor Reader Stream?,1:13:02.370
Striving for success,1:18:45.699
Memories of Clark and Smith talking book machines,1:21:41.474
Podcast apps,1:24:46.651
Does education level help with success?,1:25:23.648
In praise of Ubiquiti equipment,1:27:17.616
Thoughts on iOS, audiobooks and education,1:30:53.586
Dolby Atmos,1:36:11.540
A little business that went the extra mile,1:40:04.373
A Bluetooth speaker recommendation,1:42:09.235
Never mind self-driving cars. Some people think blind people are already driving,1:43:42.118
How often should I reformat my hard drive?,1:47:52.220
Talking news papers on your smartphone and AmazonEcho,1:50:11.406
Thoughts onEnvision,1:54:03.236
Closing announcement,1:56:44.195
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