Episode 88: Remembering John Lennon, the pros and cons of social media, Apple things, Windows things, Sonos things and more things

Kia ora again Mosen At Largers. I hope, despite troubling times, you may be beginning to feel a little festive. If not, we’re going to try to help. On the show this week,
Vote now for our 2020 holiday countdown and score an invitation to our highly exclusive Christmas party,5:00.050
The day John Lennon died and what he and the Beatles mean to us,19:57.416
Memories of tape recorders, the Beatles and the day John died,38:54.565
Social media, the pros and cons,47:57.789
More tape recorder memories,1:01:50.598
Thoughts on various recent topics,1:32:18.185
Praise for the Orbit Writer,1:45:06.684
Samsung and Sonos Arc,1:47:48.340
The search for lost things,1:50:48.026
Optimising settings for Windows notifications,1:51:48.849
Questions on mixers and thoughts on social media,1:53:25.522
More AppleFeedback,1:58:01.054
New iPhone Mini,1:58:55.532
Any hints on using Apple Music with iTunes for Windows?,2:03:33.610
Update on Watch and email problems,2:07:01.161
What do you use your Apple Watch for?,2:10:25.700
Misc Apple News,2:17:15.265
The increasing accuracy of deep fake,2:18:34.201
The strangulation of TuneIn in the UK,2:27:02.349
The Bonnie Bulletin on squeaky tapes, John Lennon and impact with attitude,2:30:31.473
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