Episode 99: All you need to know about Clubhouse from a blindness perspective

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.
I’ve had a lot of requests to produce this, so here it is, a tutorial, review and demonstration of Clubhouse, the audio social network, from a blindness perspective.
This podcast is segmented by chapters to help you navigate it if you’re learning about how to use it. Please note that Clubhouse is in beta and changing rapidly, but this is a snapshot of how the app looked as of publication in late February 2021.
In this episode:
Introduction and navigation of this episode,0:00.000
What is Clubhouse?,1:20.369
How do you get ontoClubhouse?,7:15.052
A Quick tour of the hallway,9:03.093
The Explore screen,16:42.958
The Invite Friends screen,28:42.778
The Bulletin screen,29:07.091
Scheduling and sharing an event,36:53.245
The Activity screen,43:36.830
More on configuring your profile and notifications,45:34.029
Starting a room. Rooms and clubs explained,50:01.593
Concluding thoughts. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,55:20.514
Direct from a Clubhouse event, some blind people share their impressions of the platform,1:03:49.455
Angie Matney,1:10:01.649
Gary ODonoghue,1:14:36.444
Michael Babcock,1:18:49.411
Bonnie Mosen,1:23:27.443
Geno J,1:25:55.524
Michael Lauf,1:31:22.481
Kenny No,1:34:31.714
Closing announcement and contact info,1:39:07.772
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